What makes our furniture excel.

To simply be superior - that is what it means to excel. As a manufacturer of high quality commercial grade outdoor furnishings for almost 40 years it is apparent that we are doing things right - like providing our customers with reliable service, dependable quality and measurable value. These principles guided our company at its beginning and it is how we continue to grow our business today. Longevity builds experience and experience offers our customers a level of security knowing all of their needs will be fully met. And, know that we are always improving, in all aspects of our business, so that we can excel. Together.
The Green Plan. Click here to learn more.

Being good stewards of the environment is something we take very seriously. As a manufacturer that produces products to be used primarily outside it is imperative that we do our part to preserve the worlds delicate ecosystem. Our green initiatives continue to evolve with the anticipation that there will always be ways to enhance our manufacturing processes to work towards our commitment to being a green company. We look forward to those challenges.